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    Your Brand.

    Activate, monetize and personalize in the moment

    with Upside's Dynamic Consumer Exchange (DCX™)

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    Online engagement

    Upside tracks over 130 million

    daily consumer expressions across social networks

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    Repeat success with

    Connect directly and know your consumer

    redemptions, point-of-sale, loyalty and performance

Sell more products to more people at a price that will maximize Upside for you and your consumer.

Upside's DCX™ is a complete 1:1 consumer promotion platform


Tailor pricing, timing and experience at the individual consumer level.


Increase loyalty through serving your consumers needs in the moment.


Remove the guesswork, cost and waste to sell more products profitably per promotional budget dollar.


Eliminate remarketing with a direct connection to the consumer.

Activate social audiences

Transform your social engagement and online impressions into in-store customers

Fueled by data, controlled by you

Engagement Analytics

Business category and peer group engagement data analytics specifically for consumer packaged goods brands.

Demand Signals

Identify and convert demand signals from your social engagement and online advertising in the moment.

Predictive Performance

Powerful algorithm predicts promotion performance, revenue impact, budget cost and return on investment.

Monetize fans in-store

with dynamic offers based on location

Simple self-publishing with organic attribution closes the loop.

Self Publishing

Self publishing web app gives brands the ability to know and respond in the moment when you have consumers' attention.

Budget Control

Patent pending controls maximize promotion performance and removes budget risk.

Mobile Experience

Award winning consumer mobile app provides high utility and ease of use at every retailer point of sale.

Personalize in the moment

to serve individual consumers needs

Repeat success with dynamic offers.

Dynamic Offers

Tailor pricing, timing and experience at the individual consumer level.

Rabid loyalty

Increase brand equity and loyalty through serving consumers' needs in the moment.

Transform Promotions

Remove the guesswork, cost and waste to sell more products profitably per promotional budget dollar.

Meet the team behind our work

Jeff Sampson

CEO & Co-founder

Jeff is a co-founder of Upside. Prior to Upside, he was co-founder and CEO of a trade promotion software startup, a global director of product management at Microsoft. Data geek, brand consumer, lacrosse statistician, football coach and foodie.

Bill Kester

VP of Business Development & Co-founder

Bill is a co-founder of Upside. Bill drove development and strategy for the Microsoft Dynamics product line in the retail / distribution markets. Bill has held similar roles at Oracle and Siebel, and was EVP of Information Resources, Inc.

Adrian Boston

Development Lead

Adrian leads development for Upside's products and technology backbone. He is a veteran of several technology startups and his passion is creating intuative user experiences and telling stories with data. Adrian has a Masters in Philosophy from Cambridge University and MA from NYU.


You’re different. You hold yourself to a higher standard. You'll be a good fit with us.

We invite those individuals with a chip on their shoulder, the ones who pour their heart and soul into the designs and products they produce, the ones who feel a sense of urgency, a sense of pride, the desire to be bold and to share accomplishments with a team that feels the same way and has your back.

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Success starts with better information about your customers

Success is achieved with direct connections for a repeatable exchange

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